Digital currency, anywhere in the world.

Split bills, pay for rides, rent, groceries, send money to family - you name it.

Send Money

Send and receive money to friends and family anywhere in the world via our free web sign in.

Use Any Valid Card

Forget exclusive financial systems - we built a payments system that works with your online bank card.

Instant + Free Under $200

Sending under $200? No worries. AlphaCash strives to meet your needs and save you money at every turn.

No Bulky App

Our analytics help you understand your data and spending habits without downloading an app.

A mobile-first platform for the underbanked.

AlphaCash is more than an online money service - we're the total package, ready to cater to your financial needs.

Secure, Encrypted Payments

One secure paystack to keep your money safe

Borderless Payments

Secure. Payments. Everywhere. Sign up to learn more about AlphaCash.

No app download 🤯

AlphaCash v1 is now available on any device! Send money to friends and family by signing up using only your phone number.

Total Control Over Spending

Real-time insights and solutions to help you budget

Quick Search Transactions

Track all your individual and business payments from one place

The future of payments is here.

No fees. No borders. No oversight. Just access to essential financial services without restrictions.

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